Access Control System Design for M&E Consultants

Are you an M&E Consultant responsible for designing security systems?

That’s in addition to specifying lighting, power, heating, ventilation and a number of other systems in a typical modern building.

You need to appear to your clients to be an expert in everything, but in reality, you can’t be.

That’s why I wrote this book.

To give you a good understanding of Access Control Systems, and how to design and specify one.

It assumes no knowledge of security, and walks you through each aspect of the system, before moving onto more advanced topics.

It’s designed to enable you to get in, get what you need and get back out again without having to read the whole book from cover to cover (although that would be a good idea if you have time!).



About the Author

Ross Bale Portrait

Hi I’m Ross Bale.

I have been working in the security industry for the past 8 years and hold the ISMI Certified Security Management Professional Diploma.

I support M&E Consultants in designing security solutions for a leading Manufacturer.

What you will learn

  • Identify key features and options of access control systems
  • Pros and Cons of different card and biometric technologies
  • How to identify vehicles
  • When to use a specific technology or feature to meet a design requirement
  • System Architecture Design
  • How to develop an authorization model
  • Design advanced solutions including Multi-Tenant Scenarios and Anti-pass back

What other people are saying

As a Facility Management Consultant, we are often asked to get involved in Access Control Systems, particularly in the development of system installations, maintenance and operations over the system's full life cycle. What I particularly like about this book is that the author has managed to create a perfect balance of Technical Insight with Simplified Language for those of us that have some M&E knowledge, but not enough in this specialist field. Well done to the author. I'll be keeping a copy of this at my side at all times.
C. Cooney
FM Consultant
After a quick read through I found this book to be informative and detailed , yet easy to follow. I can see you have put a lot of thought and effort into it. I will definitely be using it as my go to guide ! Well done!
M Walsh
Sales Manager